Missing Rights

Missing Rights is our campaign for better support for families of missing people.                 

Behind disappearances are families waiting for news of their loved one, and the impact of having a missing relative can be devastating. Emotional, legal and financial burdens can be experienced by those closest to the missing person, with some facing their homes being seized, jobs being lost, divorce, social stigma and suicidal thoughts.

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Missing News

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The Missing Rights Campaign has seven objectives, which fit under three overarching aims. The objectives include our calls for reformed presumption of death law and the for the introduction of guardianship provisions.               

Aim 1 - Families of missing people should know everything possible is being done to find their missing loved one.

  • Every region should have a local missing persons coordinator who will hold local services to account.
  • Every family should have a named single point of contact in the police force dealing with their missing loved one.
  • All unidentified bodies should be cross-matched with missing person reports.

Aim 2 - Families affected by a disappearance should have access to support.

  • Every family of a missing person should be signposted to Missing People’s free emotional, practical and legal support services by the police.
  • A network of specially trained counsellors should be developed to support the unique needs of families of missing people.

Aim 3 - Families left behind should be spared the pain of unnecessary financial and legal bureaucracy.

  • A Presumption of Death Act for England and Wales (already in place in Scotland and Northern Ireland) - this has been achieved.
  • A legal guardianship mechanism that would enable families to become trustees of a missing relative’s affairs.


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