Missing Rights calls for better support for families of missing people.                 

Each year, 250,000 people go missing in the United Kingdom. Behind these disappearances are families waiting for news of their loved one, and the impact of  having a missing relative can be devastating. Emotional, legal and financial burdens can be experienced by those closest to the missing person, with families left behind reporting facing their homes being seized, jobs being lost, divorce, social stigma and suicidal thoughts.

“When my husband first went missing there was the huge impact of suddenly going from being a couple and having two wages to suddenly overnight becoming a single mum who could only work part time, with a mortgage and bills to pay. There was this traumatic thing going on that my husband was missing, and that in itself was traumatic enough, but there was still the everyday living to do as well.” (Wife of missing man)

We believe this must change. Families in these desperate circumstances must be given access to the support they need to help them cope. The Missing Rights campaign therefore aims for:

  • Families of missing people to know everything possible is being done to find their missing loved one.
  • Families affected by a disappearance to have access to support.
  • Families left behind to be spared the pain of unnecessary financial and legal bureaucracy.

We are looking to make these aims become reality through seven specific policy and services objectives, and will work with the Government, financial sector and the police, amongst other institutions, to see these changes happen. You can read about these objectives here.

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