Manifesto for Missing People

Improving support for vulnerable missing children and adults and those left behind

Police respond to more than 300,000 missing person reports a year in the UK – one report every two minutes. Whilst most people who go missing are found quickly, several thousand each year are not.

Missing People has produced this Manifesto to highlight priorities for the next government to safeguard vulnerable missing adults and children, and to improve support for those left behind. We hope it will influence policy and provision for these people, and will be promoting it to politicians, the government, and other decisions. You can read a copy of the Manifesto for Missing People here

In this section, you can find out about the Manifesto for Missing People's calls, and how you can support it to help improve the lives of runaway children, vulnerable adults and their families.

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"As the mother of a missing son I endorse this manifesto whole-heartedly. If all these 'calls to action' become reality there will be a very positive and noticable impact on the lives of many thousands of people, young and old." Sarah Godwin, Missing People Family Representative

Missing is a dark world. To be missing means to be lost, vulnerable and hidden from help. To find out that someone you care for has disappeared is terrifying.

If your child, parent, or partner, was missing you would hope that they could get the help they needed to stay safe, and that you could get the help you needed to cope with the challenges you faced.  This manifesto outlines Missing People’s calls to action for the next government to help make sure these hopes become a reality.

This manifesto recognises and builds on important work that the police, the National Crime Agency, HM Government, local authorities, charities and others are undertaking to safeguard and support missing people and their families. The first Cross Government Strategy on Missing Children and Adults published in 2011 was a vital step forward in focusing attention on the issue and highlighting priorities for action. However, we know much more work is needed to make sure every missing person is found safe, and every family gets the help they need.

The calls to action are based on consultation with children, adults and family members who have direct experience of missing; together with the knowledge of our frontline support team, who provide 24/7 help to all of these groups.   

You can download a copy of the Manifesto for Missing People below, and see take action to find out how you can help us to ensure that runaway children, vulnerable adults, and the families left behind get the support they need.

Manifesto for Missing People

Manifesto for Missing People overview

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